You have probably heard of the acronym “FOMO”. It's the “Fear of Missing Out”. The fear that others are doing something fun without you, that others have it better than you do, and/or that you are missing out on opportunities.

In essence, it is the worry and feelings of anxiety that come from the belief that you are lacking.

Because you are worried that your life is lacking, you live your life with discontentment, searching, seeking, trying to find something to fill that hole.

Personally, during this season, with Black Friday sales just behind us and Boxing Day Sales ahead of us, I recognize the FOMO rising in me. These are the best sales of the year and if I’m going to buy something, now is the time!

I find myself looking at flyers for deals, looking for what I can buy that I don’t need, and frankly, don’t even really want. I read the promotional emails from all sorts of industries advertising their sales, from courses in photography to discounts on sewing machines to savings on house decor items. Craft supplies. Kitchen utensils. Computer programs. Software updates. Home security systems. Shop tools. Storage racks. Luggage sets.

I feel the FOMO rising. The worry. The discontentment.

I am lacking. I don’t have everything! Must have everything! buy, Buy, BUY!

For some people, FOMO rises in intensity when they are scrolling their social media feeds. People tend to post their most positive updates on there with their most glamorous-looking photos. This gives the viewer the impression that life is better and/or easier for others than it is for him, leaving him with the feeling of lack and discontentment in his own life. The feeling of missing out on something.

In moments like these, when FOMO is rising, JOMO is a good remedy. It is the “Joy of Missing Out”.

JOMO is an attitude of appreciation. It is opting out of/choosing to miss out on things and instead choosing to prioritize yourself.

What does it look like? It can look different to different people. For some, it looks like putting your phone down and enjoying the real life around you. For others, it looks like picking up the phone and calling a friend to talk about nothing and everything.

JOMO is about being mindful in the present moment, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of your immediate environment, appreciating what and who is around you. It is about appreciating what you have and not obsessing about what you seemingly lack. It is about savouring the moment and taking a break from the rat race of life. It is about quality, not quantity.

JOMO is about contentment and relaxing. It’s about embracing your own company. It’s the feeling of recharging because you choose to “miss out”.

Try using JOMO to counterbalance your FOMO and let me know how it goes.

Here’s to conquering stress.


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