Dealing With Anger

Have you ever held a grudge? Have you ever stayed angry so long you forgot why you were angry in the first place and then because you didn’t want to look silly, you just stayed angry anyway.

Anger is a funny thing.  Despite its bad reputation, it sometimes holds a purpose.  Anger asks us to grow. Sometimes that means we have to change something around us. Sometimes it means we have to change something within us.  If we don’t respond to our own anger with growth, we stay stuck, and we stay angry. And that’s just a huge waste of time and energy. 

If you’re angry about something and you don’t know why, maybe you have to grow some way. Ask yourself if you have to change something around you; if you have to metaphorically grease the squeaky wheel.  If you can’t change anything around you to solve your problem, then you’ll have to change something within you to solve it. Like I said, anger asks us to grow, and sometimes that means you just have to grow up.

This week when anger boils up inside you and you start seeing red, pause, breathe, remember that it is asking you to grow…and then pull up your socks and grow.

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