Changing Your View on Change

Change has never been very easy for me. I like things the way I like them. I may be in a rut but I like my rut. It is quite comfortable to me.

However, undoubtedly, life brings change. These changes come whether I am ready for them or not. Sometimes they are big changes that knock me right out of my comfortable rut and sometimes they are small changes that I can more quickly adapt to. Regardless of the size, I am not a big fan of change.

I think I don’t like change mostly because I am focused on what I am losing: like a car, a job, friends, etc. But somewhere deep inside me, I am resisting the loss of more. The loss of my excuses. The loss of the safety of the known. The loss of the labels I give myself that make up who I think I am.

What would happen if, instead, I focused on what I was getting with change? What if I embraced the growth that change brings? The personal development? The new experience? The thrill of the unknown?

What if I embraced the challenge

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