Celebrate Success Big and Small

Last weekend I was with my 11 year old nephew. He was on his bike and I was walking a little ways behind him. I watched as he approached a certain spot on his path. The spot in question was mud a couple days before and someone had driven a vehicle across. What resulted was a little hill of mud, now dry, maybe 2-3 inches high. 

“Watch this!” he declared over his shoulder at me. He stood on his peddles and leaned over his handlebars, preparing to hit the ‘jump’ as if it was a ramp in some extreme cross-country cycling competition. His bike took the jump no problem; it was only 2 inches high after all. 

“Woo hoo!” he cried out his victory after his oh-so epic landing, fist-pumping. I just had to smile.

Sometimes bumps in life can look bigger than they really are, it just depends how we look at them.

We can choose to stop in front of life’s bumps, or we can choose to say “watch this,” and let the challenge take us higher than smooth ground ever could have.

No matter how small the success, it is still success, so celebrate it with some self-appreciation, a “woo hoo!” or an inner fist-pump.

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