Be the Person You Admire

I recently had the pleasure of being dined and entertained at Celebrations Dinner Theatre in Winnipeg. Wow! I had a blast! The acting, the dancing, the singing, the humour…I just can’t describe. Awesome. The whole cast and crew have a talent in getting the audience involved. They even get a few of the crowd up on stage and ask them to do simple, sometimes silly things for the sake of entertainment. 

I always admire the volunteers with the confidence to wave their arms in the air like the outdoor inflatable tube men advertising a business. Or shake their butts like they are the only people in the room. These volunteers seem to let loose and enjoy their time on the stage.

Then there’s me. I thanked God that they didn’t ask me that night. There’s no way I would have the confidence for that! In front of people? Nope.

But now I question, “Why?” Why can’t I let go and have fun in front of others? Why can’t I be a fool even when others are being fools and everyone there is just there to have fun? 

Why can’t I be the person that I admire?

Here’s to conquering Stress,
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