A Simple Trick to Be More Mindful

There are so many demands for our attention; bills to pay, kids to feed, a friend to phone, an appointment to make, an assignment to finish. We jump from one task to the next to the next. Completely unaware of our experiences. We have no idea how we made it through but the end of the day arrives and we feel exhausted and stressed. Our minds were full all day. Our life continues to pass us by like a bullet train…and we are not on it.

Mindfulness is paying attention to where we are and what we are doing. It is our ability to fully be present to the moment and enjoy it. Mindfulness not only allows us to ride the train of life but to conduct it. It is a simple daily practice that you can start no matter what age you are. 

One trick is to pause and breathe for a second or two before you begin a different task. This brings your awareness to what you are about to do instead of the list of 50 other things you need to do. 

Another trick is to pay attention to what you are doing as you do it. Bring your awareness to what you are experiencing through your senses. What are you smelling? What are you hearing? etc. Don’t judge it as “good” or “bad”. Notice your thoughts, emotions and body postures as well.

With practice you may notice how rich your life really is…if you decide to conduct your train.

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