A Simple Trick to Be More Grateful

Sometimes it can all feel so thankless. We spend all day doing things for others. Making lunches for the kids, cleaning the house, going to work to pay for the family’s expenses, and so on. But at the end of the day, no one is thanking us! Maybe we start to wonder if they notice at all. Overall, we feel under-valued and unappreciated.  

Turn the tables. Look at the people around you, the services available to you and be honest with yourself. There is a lot being done for YOU! When is the last time you thanked your spouse, kids, co-workers, others that serve you in any way or form? When was the last time you really expressed your gratitude with heartfelt feeling? Maybe others around you are feeling under-valued and unappreciated.

If you are waiting for someone to thank you, forget it. Just know that you are providing valuable service to people and causes you care about. Instead, thank others with heartfelt gratitude. Don’t thank them wanting a thank you in return, just thank them. In fact, make it a race to say thank you first all the time. Once you become grateful for all the things around you, you will be a magnet for gratitude in return.

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