Unleash Your Inner Control Freak

A “control freak” is not something that one would typically want to be. But I think there is one instance in which we should all strive to be one.

When it comes to stress management, it is of utmost importance that we take control of that which we can take control. 

Try as we may, we cannot control people, their behaviour nor choices. We cannot control the weather, the flat tire, the traffic jam, nor technology glitches. 

There are some things over which we have some influence - our health, our sleep, our day-to-day job.

But there is something that we can control. That we should control. That we must control. By taking control of this one thing, our life would be exponentially less stressful, overall easier and much more peaceful. 

It might not sound possible, but if we all took control of this one thing, the world would be a much greater place.

What is that one thing? 

It is nothing external to you; it is inside of you. That one thing is your emotions - your inner responses to life.

And according to Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, this is something that “we have paramount control over”.

Whenever you encounter life events (so, like, in every moment), ask yourself, “What do I have control over in this situation?” Depending on the situation, the question might have a few answers, but it will always include: “my response”. 

Your response to life is your responsibility. Your emotions are not because of the weather (“I’m sad because it is raining.”), the flat tire (“I’m annoyed because I have to change a tire.”), or that person’s behaviour (“I’m angry because he’s a douche.”). Your emotions, your inner responses, are because of you - this is what you can control.

When you take control of your emotions and transform them into effective, renewing ones, you are taking control of your stress levels. Not to mention, regulating your nervous system, balancing your hormones, changing the expression of your DNA, building resilience, increasing vitality, boosting your energy level, lengthening your life, improving the quality to your life, improving the quality of your sleep, slowing aging, optimizing brain function…I could keep going!

Every time you could point and say, “You make me feel this way” or, “That made me feel that way”, you are effectively saying, “Here, take my control.” 

It is time to stop handing over the control of your emotions to something or someone else.

It is time to take back your control! Take control of the one thing that you actually can control - your emotions.

It is time to unleash your inner control freak!

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,


The Stress Experts  

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