The Stress Solution: A High-Performance Intervention

A scientific heart-based approach to stress reduction, enhanced performance, organizational success, and happiness.


Are you ready to make your mark on the world?

Taking your organization to the next level requires strategy. And because people are the most valuable asset in any organization, your strategy needs to focus on building up your people. The Stress Solution has everything you need to take your people to the next level. Because when your people are their best, so is your organization.

You want your business to be better

You and your business are always reaching higher. Stronger leadership. More job satisfaction. Increased production. Enhanced problem-solving. Higher customer satisfaction. Better bottom line.

Doing all the things to make this happen is great, but it will leave you and your business burned out and exhausted.

That’s because at the core of authentically doing better and being better is feeling better.

If you and your business aren’t making changes from the inside out, you will be on a downward stress spiral.

Reaching your business’s full potential starts not by reaching outward, but by diving inward, to the heart.

When and your people learn how to put your hearts into what you do, when you learn how to regulate your emotions, when you learn how to manage stress, you feel better. Then the actions you take are taken with heart, so you do better.

By addressing the heart of the matter, you, your people, and your business will be better.



What's Heart got to do with it?

At the core of doing and being better is feeling better. This isn’t just a sentimental idea - it’s real science. Heart-felt positive emotion  is shown to decrease stress and increase coherence.

Coherence is a state where things move smoothly, in harmony. Coherence optimizes organizations, teams, and groups, but it begins within the heart of the individual. 

The heart is capable of bringing the brain, body systems, mind, and emotions into harmony, resulting in:

  • increased resilience
  • clearer thinking
  • enhanced performance
  • positive outlook
  • more composure
  • emotional regualtion
  • stress management
  • more energy
  • increased flow
  • improved teamwork
  • situational awareness
  • better decision-making, planning
  • enhanced intuition, creativity, foresight
  • better memory, focus, concentration
  • better sleep
  • less aches, pains, sickness, disease
  • improved reaction times
  • clearer communication
  • enhanced workplace culture
  • and much more
Coherence starts with the heart, and optimizes individual, team, and organizational effectiveness. 
We teach scientifically proven techniques to increase coherence.
Bring heart to the workplace with our 6-week intervention built upon these scientifically proven building blocks of success.


HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage Workshop is designed for large groups. The Resilience Advantage provides not only scientifically-proven tools and techniques to decrease stress, but a heart-centred method to increase personal and professional effectiveness. In the workshop, we share real science and real tools for real results. Each trainee receives a full-colour comprehensive workbook.
Coaching sessions take place one-on-one. They are structured to maximize the effectiveness of the tools and techniques by helping the individual powerfully integrate the concepts and tools into their lives. This creates transformation from the inside, out, personally and professionally.
Pre- and post-assessments.
The Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment is a 52-question survey that is completed by participants before and after the intervention period. The assessment tracks self-reported levels in physical, mental, emotional, and organizational stress. The results are completely anonymous and analyzed by a third party.  (minimum: 10 participants)
HeartMath’s Inner Balance sensor measures and analyzes heart rhythms. It provides realtime feedback on the quality of the communication between the brain and heart, which directly impacts how you think, feel, and act.  This technology will train you how to achieve and sustain the physiological state of coherence.

What sets us apart?

Real tools - Real results
We give great ideas and concepts, but more importantly, we teach step-by-step tools that you can implement immediately.

The tools we share are on-the-go and quick. They don’t take up much time and can be done at home or at work, on break and on the job.

Science and Research
Our tools and techniques are backed by 27 years of research and over 300 published papers from the Institute of HeartMath.

We incorporate biofeedback technology to demonstrate realtime results and effectiveness of the techniques we teach.

The tools we share affect all domains. People feel better at home and at work; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

All Levels
From top to bottom, these techniques benefit all people, no matter their position within the organization.

Every business is different, so our packages are customizable to fit your business’s unique needs.

A once and done attitude never had lasting results. We provide take-home workbooks and multiple trainings over a longer period to maximize results.

We don’t make you change. We give you concepts, tools, and techniques to enlighten, equip, and empower you to change from the inside, out.

And Beyond
From the individual, to the team, to the organization, to the world, these techniques create coherence and harmony.


What's holding you back?

"We can't afford it"

You can’t afford not to. Feeling better leads to increased productivity, more efficiency, decreased sick leave, less turnover, and reduced health care costs. All of which is good for the bottom line.

“Some see HeartMath as stress reduction. Some say it helps their family life and their productivity. Our focus was both cost and productivity. HeartMath gave our team the coherence we needed to come in under budget, on time, with productivity gains of up to 12%.” - Senior Manager, OD

"We don't have time."

Wasted time is the biggest waste of time. These tools increase productivity, focus, and concentration while decreasing communication errors, accidents, and misunderstandings. All of which save time.

“What I thought was going to be a two hour break before a difficult project turned out to be one of the most useful classes that I have ever taken. Using the HeartMath techniques, I went back and successfully completed a difficult project which normally requires a half a day in just under an hour.” - Systems Engineer of Aerospace Company


"We are doing alright without it."

Just imagine how well you could be doing with this training. Losses and gains come from surprising places and there is always room for improvement, if not in financial success, than in employee and customer satisfaction.

“We are particularly pleased with improvements in the two metrics: ‘Our meetings at work are well organized’ – positive responses increased from 31% to 50% after 4 months; and ‘I feel like leaving this organization,’ which decreased from 28% to 16%.” - Silicon Valley Tech Company


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