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Do you wish you had that one true friend? You know, the one who really listens to you.


  • The one who cheers you on, encourages and supports you when times are tough, and celebrates your progress and successes, no matter how small and insignificant they may appear to other people?
  • Do you wish you had a friend who you can trust to NOT always take your side, but to gently help you see things from a new perspective?
  • A friend that makes you feel safe with their compassion and non-judgment about anything you share? 
  • A friend that sees great potential in you, even when you struggle to see it in yourself?
  • Someone to help you find solutions and hold you accountable for the changes you want to make in your life?
  • Do you wish you had a friend that truly wants to see and help you succeed, be happy, and grow into the best version of yourself?

With Long Term Coaching, you will have that true friend.

One who will guide you to connect with your inner wealth of wisdom so you can decrease stress, develop yourself personally, grow from challenge, strengthen your relationships, and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

You know that, deep inside, you truly are a joyful, wise, creative, resilient, confident individual, but you don’t always feel that way. You don’t really know how to access your wealth of amazingness to actually feel like and authentically be your best self.

  • Imagine having tools to access your abundant greatness.
  • How amazing would it feel to know who you are, how you operate, why you do what you do, and to finally master yourself?
  • What if you knew what decisions to make that were right for you and the good of everyone?
  • What would be different if you had a deep connection with yourself, your loved ones, and the Universe?
  • Imagine, every day, waking up with expectancy and joy, and going to bed with gratitude and peace.

That’s why we offer Long Term Coaching, to take you from thinking about and wanting something more, to living and being that something more.

Long-Term Coaching includes:

  • 12 one-on-one transformative and insightful coaching conversations (60 minutes) over approximately 1 year. These take place in-person or virtually over Zoom, in which we will:
    • Discover and explore your Enneagram Personality Type so you can better understand yourself, your thought and behaviour tendencies, your natural strengths, and your personal development path. The Enneagram gives you a ton of self-knowledge and self-awareness making it easier to master yourself so you can lead the life you deeply desire.
    • Apply on-the-go, simple yet powerful science-based techniques tailored to you and your situation to decrease stress and increase well-being; make wise decisions; deeply connect with who you really are, with other living beings, and with a higher power; and save a load of energy to spend on the stuff that really matters to you.
    • Create and implement an action plan so that you know exactly what steps to take to experience the results you want.
    • Troubleshoot any issues with implementing the action plan and tweak the plan as needed.
    • Address any crises or current personal/professional issues that surface over the year.
  • "Feelingization" meditation audio recording
    • A brief guided meditation for 'homework' so that you can confidently and effectively practice the principles in between meetings and experience more profound changes.
  • Unlimited email/text message support to answer any of your questions or address any of your concerns as you implement the insights and action steps from our sessions together.

What makes Long Term Coaching with The Stress Experts unlike anything else out there is how we marry validated science with the spiritual. This creates a unique experience that allows for profound and lasting personal growth so that you have more light, love, and happiness in your life.

Investment: 3 payments of $330 or one-time payment of $960

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