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Give your group the skills they need to conquer stress, build resilience, and be more effective.


Louise trains staff and group members who feel overwhelmed and burned-out the necessary inner skills to conquer stress and build resilience so they have more energy, happiness, and positivity, regardless of the challenges they face in life, personally or professionally.

This leads to great benefits including:

  • increased satisfaction, in work and life in general
  • more social harmony within the group 
  • boosted individual and group morale
  • increased team cohesion
  • improved workplace culture
  • enhanced "out-of-the-box" creative thinking and problem solving
  • increased work productivity and efficiency
  • less sick days and stress leaves
  • ...let's face it...financially, a better bottom line (discover 11 Ways Stress Affects Your Bottom Line, here.)
  • ...and more!


  • Are the staff or team members feeling overworked, overwhelmed, stressed, or burned-out?
  • Have you noticed more mistakes, presenteeism, absenteeism, sick days, health care costs, or employee turnover?
  • Are meetings longer than they need to be or full of unnecessary drama?
  • Is your organization or group experiencing a lack of connection, team cohesion, and ‘oneness’?
  • Do you get the sense of disharmony in the workplace or in the group?
  • Are the staff or team members struggling to find work-life balance?
  • Do you believe that when members are happier and less stressed, organizations/groups are more effective?

Say "goodbye" to the stress problems.


Louise is certified through the HeartMath Institute, the leading authority on stress, resilience, and optimal performance. HeartMath’s programs have been delivered to hundreds of organizations and to thousands of leaders and employees, creating significant improvements in intuitive decision-making, focus and engagement, communication and heart connection, productivity and innovation.

Louise facilitates in-person and virtual workshops and webinars with content from HeartMath, Positive Psychology, and the Enneagram Personality System. Using a unique blend of science, heart, “soft skills”, and a dash of spirituality, she offers a customizable and comprehensive approach to stress that provides long-lasting and measurable results.

Working with her means happier, healthier, more fulfilled members of your group or organization. This means they will be more resilient, energetic, creative, and effective. This results in less sick days, lower health care costs, stronger teams, higher morale, and better bottom line. Your organization makes a bigger positive impact on the world, not only by taking care of your workforce, but also as your organization grows to serve more and more people.

How I help.



Information, research, and clarity. These increase understanding and decrease stigma and fear. 



Simple, yet powerful tools are the “how-to” conquer stress that can be used right away and integrated seamlessly into your busy life.



With increased understanding and powerful tools, you're empowered to make positive change in your life, in your organization, and in the lives of those around you.

I customize workshops for you!

Here's one that is requested often:

Popular Workshop Request 

How to Decrease Overwhelm and Prevent Burnout

3-4 hours

Feeling overwhelmed? Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to be less stressed? At work and at home? Is it possible even in the face of challenges and everything going on - Covid-19, the endless heavy workload, personal and family issues? When life seems so negative, can you really have a positive outlook on life - without ignoring, suppressing, avoiding, or pretending?

If you want to decrease overwhelm and prevent burnout, then you need to conquer stress and increase resilience. There is more to resilience than just “bouncing back”; there’s more to stress than just a “fight and flight response”; there’s more to stress reduction than just “relaxing”. 

In this workshop, we will be exploring stress and how to get more resilience with research-proven tools and techniques that you can start using right away…and even on-the-go!…so you can experience the happiness, energy, and positivity you crave.


  • Stressor vs. stress (and why knowing the difference is of paramount importance.)
  • What is stress?
  • Tool for increasing emotional awareness and effects on you
  • What is resilience?
  • Domains of resilience
  • Inner Ease Technique (Tool)
  • Spheres of Personal Control (Tool)
  • 3 Good Things (Tool)

Participants will learn how to…

  • recognize what is truly causing their stress and draining their energy
  • stop stress in the moment their stress occurs
  • differentiate between their stress and stressor and understand the implications of the difference
  • ease workload stress
  • increase emotional awareness and emotional regulation
  • implement stress-conquering and resilience-building tools
  • implement tools and strategies to renew energy and increase feelings of well-being and happiness

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Conquering stress has never been so simple.


"The webinar as a whole was absolutely fantastic. Louise was an awesome presenter. She made it fun and provided information and tools that can be used in every day life, not just in the workplace." -Wendy Vannus, Intake Coordinator, Provincial Government.


"Louise was engaging and funny and personable!!! She kept the flow going. There was a lot of information that was really relevant - you know how sometimes you are in meetings and it feels like it's for another office? Louise did not do that! It felt truly tailored to our office and what we do, and how we've been struggling - as a whole. This session was absolutely life changing for me. Dramatic? Yes. But true. I was really struggling to find some way to tackle my stress and my stress behaviours. Now I have concrete tools in my back pocket to practice and master. Thank you so much, Louise! I would recommend your services to anyone." -Lindsay


"This workshop (How to Decrease Overwhelm and Prevent Burnout) was very in-tune with daily life challenges and helps to make you see what you are doing, or more so not doing. Simple techniques can help you put yourself in a better place. They are a life skill and I will pass on this knowledge to others. I had my daughter listen in on some of your workshop. She will be signing up for your blog! Job well done and keep up the good work!!"  -Jodi, Winnipeg,MB


"I would highly recommend a workshop by The Stress Experts. The content was interesting, practical and can be applied to both work and personal life. The facilitator was knowledgeable and had an excellent presentation style (engaging, but not over the top; kept things moving; encouraged participation; listened and provided helpful tips)." - JS, Public Servant, age 47


"We hired Louise Sanders from the Stress Experts and our centre benefited immensely. The staff now use the phrase - “breath with heart”.  This is a technique that Louise taught in her workshop that will be a forever tool for all of our staff. Excellent workshop!" -East Transcona Before and After Program


"This session leaves me with a sense of control over how to understand and manage stress within my life. It gave me a much deeper understanding of stress management skills. Louise presented in a detailed and personable way and did a very good job in keeping it interesting, which is hard to do when everyone is virtual."
-Ashley McFadyen, Dental Assistant, Lloydminster AB
"Really great facilitation! I enjoyed the simple analogies that Louise used to explain more complex physiology. The explanation of the scientific technique followed by actually doing the activity was also helpful."
-Brandy Robertson, Wellness Student Success Advisor, Assiniboine Community College
"This information would be helpful to anyone, from any walk of life. It's interesting to me that no matter how complex we are as human beings, we all would still benefit from the same techniques when it comes to improving mental health. Great explanation!" 
- Brittney Walz, Dental Hygienist, Lloydminster AB


"The presentation was very fitting for our company and sales team. Team is a big part of any company, and Louise helped emphasize that part to our organization. She helped me better understand how to treat people like people.” -Rob Reimer, Meridian, Director of Sales


“The workshop exceeded my expectations! I have regained a measure of wholeness that I wondered would ever return. I love the physiology and that there are explanations for why it works. It is based on science with objective data. This is not some mythical hocus-pocus thing.” -Colleen Reimer, Retired Nurse


“I learned and followed new techniques and within 2 weeks I realized I was going to sleep and staying asleep so much better! From 4 hours to 7 hours. I appreciate what you (The Stress Experts) have done for me.” V.N.


“Be prepared to be ‘WOWED’. I didn’t think the workshop would be helpful but the techniques can help everyone deal with stress. I really enjoyed seeing the biofeedback technology work in realtime. Louise did an incredible job of keeping our attention and focus. Excellent speaker! So well prepared and knowledgeable.” -Age 60, Public Servant, Federal Government (Retired)


"Louise was knowledgeable. She helped ground the information really well and gave some good examples. She was very aware of the time and gave breaks at appropriate times."


"Louise is very active listener, enthusiastic, knowledgeable." 


"Louise Sanders did a fantastic job and opened my knowledge about self care." 


"The Speaker is so knowledgeable. The course content is relevant at workplace and in personal life. Thank you very much."


"The facilitator is awesome and knowledgeable. She knows how to explain it without getting you to feel embarrassed, the course is helpful and related to my job and my daily activities."


"I am super happy being a part of this session, it has been so informative."


"I absolutely loved this webinar. It has for sure made me think about a lot of what I have been going through and ways to deal with it, and hopefully be able to continue to help in the future."


"I very much enjoyed this presentation and how engaging the presenter was. I feel that she made everyone feel welcome and at ease." 


"Very knowledgeable and very basic topic that we go through everyday and really needed to talk about."


"Very knowledgeable, very straight forward, on target, realistic."


"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, it has taught me great tools to apply to not only my professional life but also my personal. Thank you!!"

Conquer stress. Be your best.

Make a bigger impact on the world.


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