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The simplicity of these techniques does not decrease the effectiveness. More than two decades of research support these techniques and they are used successfully by individuals in the highest-stress situations, such as law enforcement, military, first responders, and 911 operators.

These techniques will help you improve, wherever you are at, strengthening your resilience to stress, improving your performance, and enhancing your life.

As humans, we are always going to have some level of challenge and adversity. In fact, we need challenges to grow. These techniques will help you manage your reactions, regulate your emotions, and increase your threshold for stress. Stressors happen, but stress doesn't have to.

Therapy often focuses on the past. We focus on changing your present moment to build a better future, no matter what happened in your past. We believe everyone has the ability to grow out of their past, so we don't need to a talk about sensitive historic details. It's not that we repress the past; we transform it.

Relaxation can be beneficial, but more often than not we need to be alert and on in order to meet the day's challenges.  These techniques help you feel and do your best whether you are in a high-stakes meeting, or chilling on your back deck.

While breathing plays an important role, these techniques are so much more than just breathing. By incorporating the power of the heart and emotional shifts, these techniques measurably change your body's physiology.

The power of the heart is real. It is 40-60 times stronger than the brain electrically, and 1000 times stronger than the brain electromagnetically. The techniques help you harness this power to reprogram your brain's response to stressors. 

You can do these techniques in the middle of a conversation, task, or even in the midst of an emergency, with your eyes open and your mind alert.  Visibly, no one will ever notice that you are doing these techniques at all.  But they will notice that you are calmer, more composed, and easier to be around!

If you have time to be stressed, you have time to do these techniques! These tools are meant to be used on the go, right in the heat of the moment. You can use them before, during, or after challenging situations. You can implement them in your morning routine, your commute, break time, or your bedtime routine. Don't wait until yoga class, or the gym, or an evening on the sofa to deal with depleting emotions. Learn to transform them right in the moment and it takes no time at all.

We can do it all over the phone, so no travel is necessary.


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