Crisis Coaching

Re-centre. Find Calm. Move Forward.

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Private Meetings

Your sessions are one-on-one with a non-judgmental and compassionate coach, who will really listen to your immediate concerns. 

Proven Tools

Receive powerful, science-based tools to help you be more calm and feel more hopeful.

Action Steps

Create a plan with your coach to begin to resolve your most pressing issues.

Are you less stable than normal?

Are you at a major crossroads in life and experiencing too many emotions?

Have you received difficult or disturbing information that pulled the rug out from under you?

Are you experiencing heightened anxiety, overwhelm, or uncertainty?

We can help.

2 one-hour sessions.

Virtual or in-person.

$120 CDN (plus tax)

Re-centre. Find Calm. Move Forward.

Come out of crisis and get back to living.

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