Don't Be Nice

I can’t say I’ve ever been described as a nice person. For those of you who know me, that makes a lot of sense. This used to bother me a little bit because I always thought it was nice to be nice. But I recently stumbled upon an interpretation of “nice” from author, Matthew Kelly that got me thinking.

Nice is only nice. That’s it. Nice just keeps status quo and that’s all. 

I’d rather be kind. Kind people help others up. 

I’d rather be honest. Honest people say what they mean and mean what they say. 

I’d rather have integrity. People with integrity get things done. 

I’d rather be loving. Loving people inspire others. 

I’d rather be composed. Composed people lead others.

I’d rather be generous. Generous people make real change.

I’d rather be courageous. Courageous people shake things up.

Don’t call me nice. Nice people don’t ruffle feathers, challenge, or inspire. Nice people don’t get things done. Nice people are selfish because they care more about other people liking them, than making a meaningful difference in others’ lives. Nice people don’t make change.

Don’t be nice.

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