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Is there a solution to stress?

Yes! Here are some truths about the solution:

  • It is simple, maybe not always easy. 
  • It's a process, not a once-and-done thing.
  • It gets easier with practice.
  • There are many benefits beyond having "less stress", including: more energy, improved sleep, clearer thinking, improved memory, wiser decision-making, enhanced creativity and intuition, increased social harmony...and much more
  • It takes skills.
  • You can learn these skills.
  • And I can teach them to you.

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"Louise has several tools in her kit that she uses creatively and effectively. She is compassionate and supportive and rounds those qualities out with a terrific sense of humour. Louise uses a collaborative approach. She doesn’t tell you what to think or to do but helps you come to those things yourself. In my opinion, a self-realized solution will stick. I highly recommend Louise of The Stress Experts and won’t hesitate to consult with her again in the future. Thanks Louise!"

Adora, age 64

"These techniques have helped me through tough situations, helped me accomplish tasks (homework), and improved my mood throughout each day. I feel less nervous, angry, etc."

Student, age 17

"This is AWESOME!! I want to thank you so much for dedicating your lives to helping other people!! I hope you are richly blessed because I am richly blessed from doing this 42 day challenge."

Sheryl Toews

"I have built a confidence that I do not have to live a life of stress. The workshop was so well laid out and the presenter was well educated and cared about each person and their thoughts and feelings. The workshop was understandable and in ways that I actually can remember!! My stress is getting better!"

Jerri-Ann Froese
Recreation/Volunteer Coordinator, Boundary Trails Health Centre

"This workshop exceeded my expectations! I have regained a measure of wholeness that I wondered would ever return. I love the physiology and that there are explanations for why it works. It is based on science with objective data. This is not some mythical hocus-pocus thing."

Colleen Reimer
Retired Nurse

"I appreciate SO MUCH what I've learned through you! I was thinking about life and how it has changed and keeps getting better! I wish that everyone could experience having these resources to build a great life."

Tina Wiebe

"I have more energy! Before, I was coping with stress where I settled into complacency; basically, I was trying to avoid stress by shutting down my emotions. I learned that stress is simple to understand. Now, I appreciate what is most important to me."

Ramona Morgenstern
Age 57, Cattle Farmer

"My expectations were met…and then some! Everyone has emotional stress, regrets, fears of some sort and learning how to deal with both past and present emotional situations and drains is something we ALL need to do. Even the young. I wish I would have had this kind of help or information when I was young. I learned how not to let feelings like anger/frustration ruin my day. Those feelings will always come knocking on the door but its up to me how long I let them stay.  "

Heather Stewart

""The webinar as a whole was absolutely fantastic. Louise was an awesome presenter. She made it fun and provided information and tools that can be used in every day life, not just in the workplace.""

Wendy Vannus
Intake Coordinator, Provincial Government

"My current wellbeing is so much better in experiencing more calming, relaxed state of mind, I have a much more positive and creative state of mind when it comes to problem solving and planning, budgeting, etc. regarding my business. Now business decisions are so much more productive in a positive way. I sleep so much better and more soundly now. My Chrons disease which I have had for over the last twenty years is much more manageable now, in fact my stomach pain levels is pretty much non existent. It has gone from a 5-6 pain level to a 0-1 pain level. Thanks very much Louise for all that you do. I admire your willingness, dedication, and generosity to help your fellow human kind in making this a better world."

Chris, age 68


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