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Your organization is made up of people. Like it or not, the success of your organization is directly dependent on the happiness of your people. 

You’ve got a great organization. Your products and services are top notch. You’ve got great business strategies in place. Your customers need what you have. 

But you have a problem. Your organization is struggling. And it’s struggling because your people aren’t happy. It’s not necessarily because they have anything lacking. You can try casual Fridays and bringing puppies to work. You can try pay raises and incentives. And those things might put a smile on their faces, but it won’t make them happy. And it won’t improve your organization.

You know that the success of your business is not an accident. It needs strategies, plans, and skills to be a success. 

Your people are no different. Happiness is not an accident. It is a skill. And if your people don’t have strategies to decrease stress and be happy, they will suffer. And so will your business.

You think: how can I make my people happy and still have a profitable organization?

Your profitable organization depends on the happiness of your people.

When you teach your people how to decrease their stress in a way that actually works, when you teach them how to create their own happiness, when you teach them how to maintain their calm and composure, how to conquer their anger and anxiety right in the moment, they experience the advantage of being resilient. And so does your organization.

Imagine a workshop that could teach you and your people exactly how to conquer stress in each moment, and exactly how to be truly happy.

That’s exactly what the Resilience Advantage will do for you.

With the Resilience Advantage, you and your people discover:
  • exactly what is causing stress (it’s not what you think!) 
  • the scientifically-proven formula to eliminate stress 
  • the key to increasing resilience without needing to slow down and relax or take time off 
  • how to have energy to meet the day, no matter what is in store for you
  • how to prepare for, bounce back from, and rise up to meet challenges 
  • how to create a more harmonious team
  • the key to coherent communication (more than just nodding, rephrasing, and uh-huh-ing)
  • the secret to out-of-the-box thinking and creative solutions
  • how to live with more meaning, purpose, and happiness even if you’re not in your dream job

But more than just talking about stress and teaching techniques, the Resilience Advantage provides sound scientific evidence and realtime biofeedback to prove that the tools really work right in the moment. We know you and your people are working hard and busy leading real lives. You can’t afford the time and money that other gimmicky “stress-less” methods cost with nothing to show for it.

That’s why with the Resilience Advantage, you get:
  • up to 8 hours of in-person group training covering the essentials of stress, happiness, and resilience (program is flexible: 2-8 hours)
  • up to 6 scientifically proven techniques to decreases stress in the moment (no more waiting until an evening on the couch, at the gym, or a weekend away to “wind down”)
  • realtime biofeedback to see right in front of your eyes that the techniques work
  • straightforward, no-nonsense strategies to improve each and every area of life, including work, relationships, health, and family life.
  • the right way to increase performance, effectiveness, and productivity

Here's what you'll get inside the Resilience Advantage.

The Resilience Advantage workshop is blocked into four, 2-hour trainings Each module builds on the previous one to guide you and your people to experience the advantages of resilience.

Module 1: In Charge of Resilience
  • The basics of resilience will teach you exactly how to manage your energy in every aspect of your life
  • Begin to explore depleting and renewing emotions and their scientifically-proven impact on your resilience
  • Discover what is going on behind your awareness and how it's affecting your resilience 
  • Technique #1: recenter and build resilience on-the-go
  • Technique #2: self-regulate and maintain composure in challenging situations
Module 2: In Sync with Coherence
  • Discover the physiology of coherence and how to use it to maximize resilience
  • Explore a tool to understand how your internal environment is affecting your physiology
  • Technique #3: create the state of coherence to increase resilience and performance
  • Experience realtime biofeedback to witness firsthand how the techniques measurably affect your physiology and resilience
Module 3: Align with Inner Power
  • Explore exactly when and where to implement the techniques to maximize their effectiveness and your resilience
  • Discover the role that practical intuition can play in your life and learn how to access this very real power
  • Technique #4: harness your inner power to make better decisions and higher choices
  • Discover the truth behind feeling "tension in the room" and how to transform that to create positive change in others
Module 4: Create Lasting Change
  • Discover what is really going on in behind the scenes in a conversation and how that can either make or break a line of communication
  • Technique #5: communicate from the heart with authentic listening and speaking skills
  • Learn exactly how to rewire your brain's emotional processing centres to experience more happiness and wellbeing
  • Technique #6: create internal changes that positively affect the world around you
  • Create an action plan to implement strategies for building your resilience capacity

The Resilience Advantage training is chunked into 2 hour blocks. If your organization needs more flexibility, let us know.

Finally, the workshop you've been looking for to demystify stress, simplify resilience, and add more heart to your organization.

You and your people get an actionable, practical approach to de-stressing and creating happiness so that your organization can reach the levels of success you've only dreamed of.


"We hired Louise Sanders from the Stress Experts and our center benefited immensely. The staff now use the phrase - “breath with heart”.  This is a technique that Louise taught in her workshop that will be a forever tool for all of our staff. Excellent workshop!" - Lori Rogalski, Executive Director, East Transcona Before and After Program

 “There is something applicable for everyone, regardless of your age, occupation, gender, etc. I recommend The Stress Experts to increase coherence at work!” -Gaylene Dueck

“I had no idea how valuable [The Resilience Advantage Training] was going to be! It was well laid out and the instruction was excellent!” -Thelma Findlay

“I have built a confidence that I do not have to live a life of stress. [The Resilience Advantage] was so well laid out and the presenter was well educated and cared about each person and their thoughts and feelings. The workshop was understandable and in ways that I actually can remember!! My stress is getting better!” -Jerri-Ann Froese, Recreation/Volunteer Coordinator, Boundary Trails Health Centre

“I recommend The Stress Experts to my staff and to anyone that would like to better themselves. They (The Stress Experts) have a passion for their topic.” - Cheryl Young

“This workshop is very practical. There are ways to manage stress and run-a-way emotions. It’s good to learn them. This workshop is for anyone who is not very self-aware…and anyone who is!!!” Brian Borysowich, Information Technology Manager for Canada Safeway (Retired)

“No matter what you feel your level of stress is, you’ll get something out of The Resilience Advantage. I didn’t expect the scientific aspect at all. But I loved the science and the simplicity. Louise is very easy to listen to - time flies by.” Sandra Goff, age 37, Farmer & Mother

“The Resilience Advantage exceeded my expectations! I have regained a measure of wholeness that I wondered would ever return. I love the physiology and that there are explanations for why it works. It is based on science with objective data. This is not some mythical hocus-pocus thing.” -Colleen Reimer, Retired Nurse

Be prepared to be ‘WOWED’. I didn’t think (The Resilience Advantage) would be helpful but the techniques can help everyone deal with stress. I really enjoyed seeing the biofeedback technology work in realtime. Louise did an incredible job of keeping our attention and focus. Excellent speaker! So well prepared and knowledgeable.” Teresa Borysowich, age 60, Public Servant, Federal Government (Retired)

My expectations were met…and then some! Everyone has emotional stress, regrets, fears of some sort and learning how to deal with both past and present emotional situations and drains is something we ALL need to do. Even the young. I wish I would have had this kind of help or information when I was young. (In The Resilience Advantage,) I learned how not to let feelings like anger/frustration ruin my day. Those feelings will always come knocking on the door but it's up to me how long I let them stay.” -Heather Stewart

“Great strategies! I feel every educator should be exposed to this workshop. It’s very informative for professionals. It’s for everyone, not just people who acknowledge their vulnerabilities. It was very organized and presented in a realistic manner. You are great life coaches!” -Linda Sylvester, Educator

We've bundled The Resilience Advantage, coaching, technology, and assessments together for organizations and businesses. Check it out here. The Stress Solution: A High-Performance Intervention.

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