guided by the horses

What if your best teacher didn't have to say a word?

Have you ever wanted to understand yourself?

Do you feel confused about why things aren't working out for you?

Do you feel stuck?

Do you struggle with relationships? Do you have low confidence? Do you have a hard time being a leader without being a b*tch? A hard time being kind without being walked on?

Have you ever felt like you're doing life wrong, but you don't see any other way?

Have you ever wanted to change the way you do things but you don't know if it'll work?

Are you tired of the guess-and-check approach to self-growth where you learn something new (or someone tells you to do this oh-so-helpful tidbit but it's super confusing and vague), apply it (kinda-sorta, sometimes), wait a month to notice anything different (but you forgot to do it for a week - oops). And then you aren't sure if you even notice any results (I mean maybe it was just the weather)?

Are you ready to rise to a whole new level of growth?

Are you ready for the EQUINE EXPERIENCE?

Discover what's holding you back.

The horse will show you exactly what is holding you back, not only in the arena, but in life.

Develop new skills.

Let the horse show you a new way to handle challenges, overcome obstacles, and resolve conflict.

Extrapolate to life.

The lessons that horses teach without saying a word can be applied to improve any and every area of your life.


Can we be honest here?

Self-growth can be boring, hard, confusing and SLOW! But it doesn't have to be. You can bring HORSEPOWER to your self-growth through The Equine Experience to:

  • enhance relationships and connection
  • lead from the heart
  • develop healthy boundaries
  • improve leadership skills
  • deal with people better
  • gain clarity on what the real issue is keeping you from what you want (instead of wasting your time with band-aids)
  • discover what you actually want (instead of flitting from one thing to the next, or giving up entirely)
  • guide yourself through your life with more compassion, confidence, and clarity


The Equine Experience is where we partner with horses with the intention of growing. It's an intense, profound experience that is completely beyond words but capable of sky-rocketing your growth in ways you've only imagined. All without blowing past your boundaries, or leaving you worse off than when you began. 

Why horses?

We partner with horses for a few reasons:

They're big. Just like your problems in life, they're big and you can't push them around.

They're sensitive. To a sensitive horse, your internal environment (your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and intentions) is her external environment. This means that she picks up on everything that is going on inside you.

They're responsive. The horse isn't just picking up on the information. She's responding to it, too. And giving you instantaneous feedback on what you're feeling, thinking, and intending - whether it's effective, or ineffective.

(This is great because all the hidden stuff that murks up our waters of self-growth is finally seeing the light. It's also great because when you change your internal environment to the positive, she'll let you know immediately and give you feedback accordingly.)

They're social. They aren't eager to form bonds with us no matter what, like dogs. They aren't aloof, like cats. Horses form bonds very much like our family bonds. Bonds that have to be earned based on mutual trust and respect. That's why they make such great partners in this work.

They're spiritual. Horses...there's something about them that we just can't put our finger on. They've captivated us and drawn up feelings in us like no other animal on the planet. Cultures around the world include horses in their myths and fables as very spiritual animals that bridge us with our higher self, our world with the spiritual, us with God.

The Equine Experience is facilitated by Elaine Sanders, certified HeartMath coach, and certified Equine-Partnered Coach. She brings her expertise in horsemanship and in self-regulation together in this growth experience like none other. With her four horse partners, Kali, Pecan, Shilo, and May, Elaine has shared HORSEPOWER with people from all walks of life interested in enhancing their growth, including moms, husbands, farmers, first responders, and students.

What to expect in The Equine Experience

You will have three, 90-minute sessions with one or two of the horses. You will learn to interact with horses in a way that is most natural to horses, a way that enhances partnership with them. You will experience a connection with a real live horse.

The sessions will be outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather. The facilities are neither heated nor cooled, so dress appropriately and wear closed toed shoes.

Safety is a priority and when you arrive for your first session, we will discuss the rules that will keep you and the horses safe. We will do everything we can to stay safe, but please be mindful that horses are still animals and can behave in unexpected ways.

Each session will include some dialogue beforehand. I'll give you some task to try out with the horse. Then we will enter into the horse's space. You will have an experience with the horse from the ground (never will you be on a horse's back) in a way that is most natural for the horse, without any ropes, halters, or tack. I will give you some guidance for the exercise with the horse, but there is no right or wrong. After the experience with the horse, we will have some discussion time to debrief. 

Here's the investment: $247 (plus tax)

While I can try to explain this process here, words just don't explain what happens in that arena with a horse. 

Clients feel the same way...words just don't explain it. But read on to discover some of the stories that they've shared about their experiences in the arena...


What others are saying about The Equine Experience

I was little nervous going into the experience. I knew little to nothing about Equine-Partnered Coaching, but I know and trust Elaine. I went into the arena with my fears, and as soon as I spoke them aloud to both Elaine and Kali we all entered onto the same page. Cali and I connected better when I could talk to her and tell her how I was feeling, instead of trying to “get over” my fear quietly, I told her and we helped each other out. I was amazed at how she responded to my words and my actions when I was able to talk to her. I took that into my everyday life. When I speak my fears out loud, its almost like I was taking back the power and able to step into my fear and be comfortable in it. Then taking steps to regain the power of not being afraid of it anymore. I have done a few things that would normally have paralyzed me, but after the experience with Kali, I know that I didn’t have to be so afraid and I would be ok. So I jumped into a few things that have been holding me back, all thanks to Kali and Elaine teaching me that I can be afraid and still be able to grow and move forward. - Karmyn

Each session was unpredictable. This gave me the opportunity to learn something new at every experience. I had no way of knowing how the horse would act, so I had to simply go with it, which made it that much more exciting.What I found most interesting about it  was when the horse's response changed after I changed my way of working with the horse because it changed my whole understanding of myself and of horses. If I wanted the horse to do something whether it's to follow me or to step away from the hay, I wouldn't get the response I was supposed to get until I used a different approach that I had learned from the session. After I used the new technique I would get a great response from the horse. She would leave the hay when I told her to and then she would follow me around afterwards because I had discovered my better self. When directing her from the hay, I found a way to stand my ground while maintaining my composer. After doing this, she was way more interested in following me around. From then on, I realized that the techniques that I had learned from this experience would help me build confidence, maintain composure, and to be present in the moment with everyday situations around other people. - Aaron

The session was an incredible experience! I was humbled when I realized how honestly and truthfully Shilo reacted to my feelings and behaviours. It was impossible for me to be “one with the herd,” and to work with Shilo, without being completely open and honest about inner-most conflict. - Greg

The opportunity to work on my emotional and mental challenges in a safe, neutral and encouraging environment. The immersive aspect gave me the chance to take an outside of the box view on my struggles and see a new way to approach them. Having both Elaine and Pecan in the arena it was such a fascinating dynamic and it was really great to have Elaine’s direction and perspective on each activity and how it could apply to life outside the arena. I think it is great to be asked questions during the sessions to reveal my honest perspective on my life and the challenge to see it differently to learn the most I could for each session. There is a helping hand from Elaine if I needed it during the activities but also the freedom to just try something different. There were no failed activities. Just learning new angles and what does or does not work. Some times I just needed to take another lap around the arena to regroup before I took on the next step with Pecan. - Dawn

Elaine will be honest. She cares the world about your growth and will celebrate every new step with you but she will also call out if you are just feeling sorry for yourself. She is supportive and encouraging and firm in the best way. She appreciates any question you ask her and no question is a wrong one. She will push you to take that next step if you are hesitant and let you just keep going if you are on a roll while working with the horse.

The horse deserves respect. Don’t expect any if you don’t give it. They don’t just love and want to be with you like a dog does not matter what mood you are in. They will decide if they want to connect with you. Gives yourself the best chance of connection and treat them the way you want to be treated when you meet them. Treat them with value and meaning so you can learn as much as possible is the time you have with time. Follow the appropriate steps in horsemanship Elaine teaches you and watch how the animal connects with you. It is such an amazing connection that it is hard to explain until it happens to you.

The farm is one of my favourite places to be Manitoba. It is beautiful, serene and calming just being there. It might seem a little out of the way but really isn’t that much further than carman from the city and well worth the gorgeous country drive. The barns and the horses give it an old time feel that puts you at ease from the hustle and bustle of city life. Milo the dog is always around for a friendly welcome when you arrive. - DK