You Have More Control Than You Think

There is so much going on in your world, personally and globally, including events and situations such as health challenges, family schedules, and supply chain issues.

There is so much you cannot control!

No wonder you’re stressed, right?


Let me explain.

There’s a difference between what is happening to you and what is happening in you.

Stress is physiological disharmony (an internal state known as incoherence) as a result of experiencing a negative emotional response to your perception of your life situation.

Stress is something that happens inside of you. It is a feeling, an inner experience.

The events, situations, circumstances that happen to you are called stressors. They come in many shapes and sizes - deadlines at work, the neighbour’s dog barking all night, a messy house, a sick child, a traffic jam, the weather, a final exam, a job interview, relationship issues, spilled milk, a squeaky chair, an annoying coworker, your upcoming marriage - but they are NOT “stress”.

They are NOT even the CAUSE of your stress!

The cause of your stress is your negative emotional response to your perception of the stressor.

Negative emotions include, but are not limited to, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, anger, depression, sadness, loneliness, shame, and guilt. Negative emotions are NOT “bad” emotions and you are NOT “bad” for having them. They are simply not “effective”. They create disharmony in your systems, drain your energy, rob you of sleep, fog your memory and thinking, and mess with your planning and decision-making abilities.

While you may not be able to control the stressor, you can control your emotional response to the stressor (maybe not 100% and completely, but to a very large degree and that degree of control gets bigger with practice).

To decrease stress, you don’t have to take control of the uncontrollable stressors, you need only to take control of your responses to the stressors.

When you control your emotional responses to life and its events and situations, you control your level of stress…and your level of enjoyment in life.

Now, isn’t that empowering?

Claim your power with tools and strategies to regulate your emotions in the services we offer.

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,

The Stress Experts

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