You Don't Have Time

I hear it all the time from family, friends, clients. Too often, I say it myself. 

“I don’t have time.”

What are we keeping so busy with? Work? Errands? Cleaning? Making more money?

What about spending time with family? How about taking time for prayer or meditation? What about doing the stuff that you know is good for you?

I knew a couple who would work their butts off all year. They would barely be home to spend quality time with the kids, because they were so busy making money. And what were they making that money for? To pay for their annual catastrophic trip to Disneyland to spend some time together as a family, of course! 

Around this time of year in particular, it may be helpful to ask yourself, how much time are you spending doing what really counts?  What things can you let go of so that you have more time and space for what you really need? 

I agree that you don’t have time. Without trying to sound like Johnny Raincloud, a big chunk of your life is already gone. And how have you spent it? If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve probably squandered quite a bit of it stressing about little things, worried about immaterial fluff, fighting for something you don’t really need or want.  But you don’t have time for that crap. 

You don’t have time to not spend time doing what counts. You don’t have time to not pray or meditate. You don’t have time to not hang out with the family more. You don’t have time to not do what you know is good for you.

Here’s to Conquering Stress,
The Stress Experts

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