Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds

Imagine that you broke your arm. The bones are out of alignment. It’s terribly painful. And you can’t move it, let alone use it. Of course you go to the doctor, expecting him or her to set it straight and cast it up. But instead, the doctor says, “Let’s wait it out. Let’s just see if time fixes it up.”

That’s insane.

Of course time isn’t going to make a broken arm heal on its own. The bones are not set. You will constantly re-injure it. If there is any healing, it’ll never be straight. There will be pain and dysfunction for the rest of your life.

If it is insane for the body, isn’t it insane for the emotions too?

Let’s say you’re facing some challenge, maybe you’ve had a run-in with one of your relatives. You’ve said things. You’ve thought some things. Your feelings are hurt. You’re not looking forward to any future interactions. Frankly, the relationship is cracked.

Or maybe there’s a lot of pressure at work. There are deadlines, projects, and a thousand-and-one things calling for your attention. You’re stressed out and overwhelmed.

Or maybe you’re a parent. You’re dealing with the lives of tiny humans while trying to keep yourself alive and afloat among all the things to do. You’re running on fumes.

Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ve had the thought, “Let’s wait it out. Let’s just see if time fixes it up.”

Just like time fixing a bone, that’s insane.

Time doesn’t fix relationships. Time doesn’t release pressure. Time doesn’t restore energy.

Time doesn’t make anything better or worse. Time just passes.

Whether something gets better or worse is up to you putting it into alignment and then allowing time to pass.

If you don’t set a bone into alignment, the passing of time creates distortion, dysfunction, and pain; and the arm will forever be a problem. If however, you put the bone into alignment and hold it there, the passing of time makes miracles. The bone regrows, even stronger than before.

If your relationship is left without apology, forgiveness, and a renewal in commitment, it will forever hold tension and heartache. If however, you set a relationship back into alignment by making amends, forgiving or whatever else must be done, the passing of time makes miracles. The relationship repairs, and perhaps even deepens.

If you scramble around, chasing your tail at work, constantly bogged down by worry, anxiety, and frustration, the situation will get worse. You’ll be bitter, resentful, unfulfilled. And you’ll forever hate your work. But if you can set yourself in alignment with your work by embracing challenge, living by priorities, being the best version of yourself, then the passing of time makes miracles. You’ll thrive because of your work.

If you parent on fumes, it’s not only you that suffers, but also your kids. The passing of time will eventually turn your babies into adults, but there will forever be discomfort and disharmony.  But if you get into alignment with this most important job, keeping love, rather than cloth diapers, soccer practice, or school marks the priority, then the passing of time makes miracles. You will have a job well done, having raised loving adults.

Time just passes. Whether it gets better or worse is up to the energy that you put in realigning yourself and your situation.

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