The Mindset You Need to Face Challenges

I have seen this tidbit of information from a few different sources, so this idea is not my own. However, it is so profound, I just had to share it with you!

This simple strategy can change so much for you. Are you ready to hear it?

“How interesting…”

That’s it.  How interesting.  

When a situation arises that is not what you really wanted.  When someone is disagreeing with you. When there is stress in a relationship. Usually, we fight back; we react. More often than not, this escalates the problem causing an argument and a breakdown in communication. “I am right, you are wrong”. 

Instead try to say “how interesting”. Maybe you want to say it in your head rather than out loud (saying out loud may cause the argument to escalate!), but the important thing is that you shift yourself into this mind frame. 

Within the how interesting  mind frame, you will shift from being the victim, stuck in your own point of view and being attacked by the world. You will shift into a more open frame of mind, ready to see the other person’s point of view. This mind frame fosters communication and keeps things from getting out of hand. Try it!

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