Stand Up for the Right Thing

Do you ever see some things going on in this world around you and want them to stop? Do you ever feel that you need to take a stand?

Taking a stand can take place on every size and scale of issue, from taking a stand against your own bad habits, to taking a stand against a national issue.

Here are some examples:

Maybe there’s a guy at work that other people gossip about and you chuckle along uncomfortably.

Maybe you there’s a person in your life who is using substances and you turn a blind eye.

Maybe you or someone in your family is watching TV that doesn’t support the best version of themselves and you brush it off.

Maybe your children (no matter their age!) aren’t behaving appropriately.

Maybe it’s your school’s policy, your workplace’s values, your family’s traditions.

Maybe it’s politics, maybe it’s abortion, maybe it’s euthanasia.

When you see or are a part of things that go against your integrity and values, when you witness or partake in actions or circumstances that trigger your inner guidance system of right and wrong, when you are confronted by things that are against the best version of yourself and others, it can lead to overwhelm, over-care, anxiety, worry, frustration, anger, and fear.

Standing up for what you believe in, standing up for the right thing is important. Critical. It decreases stress and feeds your soul - if you do it right.

Because here’s a note of caution: standing up for the right thing in the wrong way is useless, and frankly leads to more stress, anxiety, anger, and fear.  And here’s the real kicker… if you stand up for the right thing in the wrong way: it backfires. You don’t change minds. You harden hearts. If you stand up for the right thing the wrong way, you may as well not have stood up at all.

You must stand up for the right thing the right way.

Whether you are trying to change your own bad habits, or you’re trying to start a movement, here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to standing up for the right thing.

Don’t judge. You or the other people involved are not bad people. They’re just partaking in something a lesser version of themselves would do. That doesn’t decrease their (or your) inherent value.

Do empathize. No one, including yourself, makes choices that they believe are bad for them. Choices are made because they were the best option at the time for whatever reason. Pain, loneliness, fear, and convenience can be powerful reasons for making choices. Try to understand the reasons for the choices. Ask questions to understand them.

Don’t boast. Don’t you dare for one minute think that you’re better than someone else because you have made different choices. When you point the finger, there’s three pointing back. So watch where you point that thing.

Do relate. No matter how different you are from the other, there’s something you have in common. Find that and build from there.

Don’t rush. Don’t stand up for something in the heat of the moment, in a rush, or with a hot head.

Do prepare. Get yourself into a renewing feeling such as compassion, care, healthy concern, forgivenessfaith, or appreciation. Speak with a cool head and a warm heart.

Don’t correct. No one likes being told that they’re wrong. No one likes being told what to do.

Do transform. The way to the mind is through the heart. Connect to their hearts. Then let their own hearts change their own minds.

Where do you need to take a stand for the best version of yourself?

When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything. Where in this world around you do you need to take a stand?

How can you do the right thing - whether for yourself or others - the right way?

Here’s to Conquering Stress,

The Stress Experts

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