It's Complicated

The world is a complicated place.

Well, it isn’t really, but we sure can make it into a complicated place.

There are complicated relationships. Some people have complicated pasts. Most people have been involved in a complicated situation. Everyone has over-complicated a small issue. 

And it seems that it’s just getting more and more complicated.

Technology complicates things. Some folks have complicated beliefs. Where there were two simple ideas, now there’s over a hundred complicated ones. Religion can be complicated. The education system is complicated. Accessing the health care system is complicated. Navigating finances is complicated. One’s daily needs list has become more complicated.

Complications here and there are absolutely unavoidable. But we aren’t looking at “here and there” anymore. Many people are surrounded on all sides by complications.

And a complicated life - or even a complicated situation - is stressful.

Complications are uncomfortable. Just think for a second about a current complicated situation, or one in your past. It’s uncomfortable isn’t it?

And in trying to avoid the discomfort, you look for a solution.

The top-of-mind, go-to, first-impulse, sub-conscious response is to look for a complicated solution for your complicated problem.

For example, gossip, drama, distractions, drama, passive-aggressiveness, drama, venting, drama, addictions, drama, planning, plotting, scheming, denial, avoidance, and (did I mention?) drama are examples of complicated “solutions” for complicated problems.

They aren’t really solutions in the real sense of the term, but you might try them out as a way to avoid the discomfort caused by the complicated situation.

But surprise, surprise, these complicated solutions only - - - complicate things.

That’s because for complicated problems, you need simple solutions.

Oh, duh, right?

The remedy for complication is simplicity.

Beautiful, quiet, healing, and nourishing simplicity.

Here are some tips:

Drop the drama. When you encounter a complicated situation, your mind wants to drive down drama lane. Your mind takes the outside complication, and brings it inside you. Drama makes it complicated inside yourself. Whenever you notice that things are busy and complicated inside yourself, I guarantee, you’re driving down drama lane. Drop the drama. Let the outside situation exist, but you don’t have to bring it in and make it noisy inside, too.

Remain neutral. Watch the situation as if you’re watching it on TV. That will help you be more neutral inside. From a neutral place, it’s easier to navigate tricky situations and conversations. This helps to avoid or simplify complications.

Identify your needs. Complication, drama, and even discomfort can become addicting, making you believe that you want to be involved in the unnecessary complications. Ask yourself if you really need to be involved in this situation. Ask yourself if you need this complicated gizmo. Ask yourself if you need to watch the complicated world on the news or on YouTube at this time. Identify your needs and take care of yourself.

Mess is guaranteed. Life. Is. Messy. Life doesn’t go the way you want. Life has ups and downs. Life is full of surprises. Life doesn’t follow your straight-line trajectory. But just because it’s messy doesn’t mean you have to complicate it. Accept the mess. If you can’t dance in the rain, at least stand in the rain. Don’t blame yourself for the mess. Don’t blame others or God for the mess. Don’t get angry at the mess. Don’t necessarily try to fix the mess. Accept the mess as life itself. Otherwise, you run the risk of making it complicated.

Simple time. Create time in your day to sit in beautiful, quiet, healing, and nourishing simplicity. Sit in silence, breathe calmly, focus on your heart. For 5 minutes. Everyday. That’s it.

Where is your life complicated?

Where can you drop the drama?

How might remaining neutral help to simplify the complications?

What do you actually need?

Where are you over-complicating life’s mess?

Do you need a hand finding simple solutions to your complicated problems? We’re here to help.

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Here’s to Conquering Stress.

With heart,

The Stress Experts

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