How to See Eye to Eye

Have you ever wondered if the blue sky that I see is the same colour blue that you see? For all we know, I could be seeing a sky that is a completely different colour than you, but because we were both told that that colour is blue, we have come to agree that it is blue.  

I will never know if my sky is your red, my grass is your purple, and my sun is your green. I will never see through your eyes. You will always have your own experiences.  

Even if you and I stand side by side and observe the same thing, we will see it differently, from a slightly different perspective.  You will never see through my eyes. 

Remember this when trying to see eye-to-eye with someone. You will never see through their eyes and truly understand their perspective. The best we can do is acknowledge that we each have a unique perspective, and honour that. It can be key in healing our differences, and seeing eye-to-eye.

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