An Age Limit on Fun

We were thrilled to have some of our nieces and nephews over for a movie night, featuring Boss Baby. (Very imaginative movie. I recommend it.) After the movie, the light of the tv shut off and the house became dark. The eight-year-old exclaimed, “We should play hide-and-seek in the dark!” 

The group scattered like cockroaches and someone started counting. The whole house was fair game.

In the second round, I could hear that almost everyone was found. They all joined in the search to find the last one…me. I was curled up behind the couch, legs cramping, barely breathing.

And it hit me! “Oh my gosh, I’m 30 years old! What the heck am I doing? Hide-and-seek? Really? This is not really age-appropriate for me! I’m not a kid!”

Then it really hit me! “Who said that hide-and-seek had an upper age limit? If I’m having fun, does it matter that I’m playing a kid’s game? Is there an age limit on fun?”

I then vowed to myself, nearly dying behind that couch, “I’m going to have child-like fun for as long as I live, and there ain’t nothing anyone can do about it.”

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